Friday, April 19, 2013

An Answer?


You all know I like to keep it upbeat.
I couldn't post a picture yesterday
I just couldn't find the mood, thinking about the
families just like us who have been devastated in Boston.

Is it wrong to be happy a bad guy was killed?
I'd like to see those monsters heads on sticks,
and the heads of those who indoctrinated them!
Does that make me just as bad as they are?
I am struggling with this!

Sorry, I just have to vent.


  1. It's not wrong or right. Just the consequences for committing an act of evil. The one killed got off easy. Hopefully the other won't do anymore harm. It's hard not to get angry when all of this goes on. And it seems like more and more it will go on. I think we are in a transition phase right now in the way everything is changing....from people's beliefs to politics to environment. And it's not going to get better. My big anger for this morning isn't from Boston. It comes from an environmental change that will have a huge impact on a habitat critical for wildlife. The last remaining free flowing river is to be used to serve as water to new suburbs going up. The water will be redirected and a riparian area destroyed. They have the approval. You and I will not feel the affects from any of this. But future generations will suffer as this planet is ruined by greed and power. And that is sad to me.

  2. i hope they catch the other one...

  3. I just hope it ends sometime soon. I think the 2nd one is still out there somewhere doing God only knows what. And the way you feel just is. But there are many, many genuinely good people out there. I try to remind myself of that.. We always have hope and love.

  4. It is hard to know how to feel, or why we feel it. I try to think that everyone started out as someone's beloved child - but unfortunately we all know that is not always true - though we want it to be. It is awful to ponder what could have been the cause of these two young men (and many others) going the wrong path - against people and against what is right. It saddens me to think of the sad, pitiful lives they have led - the feelings of isolation and hatred that fed their very being - and sad to think of the harm they have done - the people they have hurt - the pain that never goes away. What we think is often fueled by our reactions to hate and fear - and we are sometimes so frightened by events we can't control how we think. So long as we are able to act kindly and not out of fear and hatred, our thoughts are not bad or dangerous. As the little boy from the marathon said on his poster - No more hurting people - peace!

  5. I may be in a minority in my thinking, but I've always thought that those who murder in cold blood don't deserve to live either. I hope they catch the other one soon before he kills again. That said, it is so hard for me to fathom how an innocent little child can grow up to be monsters of evil. I just don't get it. What happens to these people that makes them turn out that way?

  6. Sounds like they got the other one! Fingers crossed!