Saturday, May 30, 2015

A dry day!

In search of... A dry day.

It's has been raining pretty much non stop for a week now. 
I would love to have a dry day to get these little pretties in the ground
The Dahlia was a vivid red when I bought it.
Don't know much about Dahlia's but this one sure faded.

I planted some Zinnia seeds this year. I hope they succeed but in the meantime I have this one. 
Have a great weekend!


  1. they're very pretty. we have sunshine right now and a few rainless days in the forecast ahead. haven't had that all month here.

  2. They're lovely! Our roses are fading in the sun. Still beautiful though. We could take some of your rain, and I'll send you a little sunshine. :)

  3. Even with your rainy days your flowers are still wonderful. Hope you get them planted soon.

  4. These flowers are beautiful and I love them !

  5. No dry days here but we're still hoping! I love zinnias. They are the first flowers I remember as a child. I'm glad they're once again gaining in popularity. Have you seen the green ones? I never thought I would want green flowers but they are spectacular.

  6. The rain has just arrived here and will be around for a few. The dahlias are lovely and they do fade as they grow older and pass dead heading keeps them going. Love zinnias, too, which also fade. Hope that you see the sun soon.

  7. You take the most amazing photographs! These are such pretty flowers. Rain/thunder here this afternoon, too.

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