Sunday, June 14, 2015


I know I've been away too long but I am so so busy.
Between working extra hours, (that's gonna have to stop) 
and oh so much fun watching the Black Hawks playing hockey.
I just haven't had much extra time.

It has been quite rainy here. 

We seem to get a couple of dry days during the week and then it rains all weekend. Phooey!

These were taken just after one of the rain showers

You should see he weeds!! OMG!

Take Care


  1. i understand that rain/growth thing well after the spring we had here. :) but i love the thunderhead in your first shot.

  2. I know:) rain is wonderful and it interferes with everything:) and sorry about those weeds:(

  3. The clouds are amazing!!!! I love "after the rain photos". The past couple years we have had the pattern of sunny all week and rain on every single weekend - seems to have broken that pattern so far this year - hope it continues.

  4. And we here in East Texas are scheduled for another five to seven inches starting today/tomorrow as a result of the tropical storm or possible hurricane presently brewing in the Gulf. Most of our farmers have already lost their first hay crop of the season and I worry for the folks who live near the rivers which become so deadly when these heavy rains come. Stay dry and safe!

  5. Gorgeous photos!!!

    Lucky us, we had a purrrrrfect weekend, and nice rain today, on Monday. Kind of like Camelot, hu? ,-)

    Re-reading your Info... Concerning finding some whimsey... Must concentrate more on that, in my blog!!!! I love whimsey. Love to find it in the blogs of others. (although such blogs are few and far between... sigh)

    But that's no excuse for me, not to look for it myself! Thank you for the prompt.


  6. Fabulous clouds! Well, I don't mind a rainy day here and then, but two in a row is not as much fun and a week of it...ugh...and a weekend of not nice. Have you found a scuffle hoe yet? Once you do, you'll not mind the weeds at all.

  7. Wow those clouds are awesome. Seems to be raining in a lot of areas.

  8. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!