Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sunday the last day of May

Well, it stopped raining for a bit.

Only a few weeks from summer and it is finally spring here
Today it is a whopping 55 deg

This dwarf Spirea is blooming nicely around my deck

The Columbine is blooming

And my precious Chives!

I have had these chives since 1993, planted them at two houses and brought a bit of them here in a pot in 2006.
They come back every year faithfully
I think its time I give this plant a bit more growing room and find a spot to put them in the ground. 
There is a spot on the sunny side of the house near the Columbine that should suit this plant just fine.
Wow, how time flies. I can't believe I have been here almost 9 years.
It seems like yesterday!!


  1. I'm glad you're getting some warmer weather. Your Columbine is just beautiful. All your plants are. You have a great green thumb. :)

    Time flies for sure. Wish I could slow it down a little, but it is as it's meant to be, I guess.

  2. When the rain was finished with you it move on to Ontario, Canada. The ground was so dry... we needed it. It also brought a lot of flowers into bloom. Thanks for saving some rain for us. ;-)
    PS: Your flowers are looking GOOD! Nice photography!

  3. How nice that there is a dwarf ariety of spirea. I miss my mother's bridal veil spirea, but it was huge and there's no room...but a dwarf vsriety...that gives me ideas. Your yard looks beautiful and beautifully groomed. You take very good care of it. That cold weather came my way...it has been in the 40s for three days...we are worn out trying to stay warm in an unheated house. I seriously considered baking this morning, =D

    1. Apparently, I am having trouble with "variety" today. Always something.

  4. Everything looks so pretty. Love all your flowers. We've had several dry days in a row now, too.

  5. Your pictures are so pretty! Columbines are just amazing to me with all their detail!
    Funny story about chives....years ago, my husband and I drove my late parents on vacation in south Georgia. We kept passing these large fields of some plant we did not recognize. Finally, I said, "It's chives." For the longest, they all believed me and I finally had to admit I made it up!!! lol

  6. gorgeous!! we're heading quickly into summer, now. high 80s heading to 90s. i think we're going to miss our rain and overcast skies very soon.

  7. It's been sunny here the past two or three days. Hooray! Love that pic of the chives.

  8. Oh all your plants are so pretty!!!
    We haven't seen the sun for a few days now.

  9. Lovely photos - especially the second one - stunning. I love them all and am so glad that you are getting some spring.

  10. JEANNE! Good morning! Oh, our spirea is also in bloom and like you, we've had a lot of rain that has made things so lush. You should see my boxwoods. They are NEON green! It's a bit cool here, but as long as it's warm enough to not have to wear a PARKA like we do for most of the year, it's great!

    Thank you so much for stopping by! Anita

  11. I love Spirea, it is such a pretty and old fashioned seeming bush, to me. :-)

    Used to have one. No more. -sigh-

    We have what is called a Pink one. But it just doesn't seem "the same" to me.

    Gentle hugs,

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