Sunday, May 17, 2015


I am just getting started

After three too cold or too rainy weekends 
I went to the nursery.

I found some very pretty things for the front porch which i will show later
This is the beginning for the back deck.

The ground is so wet I can't do the beds yet.
They are full of weeds and overgrown grass.

I a big job to tackle. 
It's supposed to storm again tonight. 

Take Care!


  1. we've had lots of rain this spring, too. your pots are lovely!

  2. Your photos are beautiful and bring the promise of more--hopefully the ground will be dry enough soon to work in.

  3. Both pots/plants are beautiful. We have been dry for more than a week but finally today it is raining.
    Wishing you a nice week.

  4. You have such beautiful pots and your plants will love the rain. I sure hope you don't have bad storms though! Hugs, Diane

  5. Wonderful pots! Pretty arrangements. Not much happening here in the way of flowers in the beds either. I need to do some edging and mowing. One thing always leads to another. Now I'm watching this cold front approaching with a baleful eye.

  6. Pretty flowers in pretty pots. : )

  7. Yes, hang tight. You usually get it a day after we do here and it's thundering and raining like crazy right now!