Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Forest Creature

I drove a short distance to the Forest Preserve 
just to take in a little spring on this 70 deg day
 and low and behold this little bugger comes 
jumping out of a trash can.
In broad daylight!

with a snack in his chops

He wasn't liking how close I got

So hightailed it up a tree

He still didn't like me much

I think he is hissing at me!!


  1. be careful! sometimes when nocturnal critters like raccoons are out in the daytime, it is because they have rabies! in this case, he might just be a garbage can opportunist, but...

    1. Good to know. I will warn the forest service.

  2. Good shots - but I sure wouldn't have stuck around to take them. :-)

  3. It's a little scary that he was out during the day. Be careful, and i'm glad you didn't get any closer! :) Great pics. He'd be cute if he was smiling though.. :D

  4. He sure doesn't look happy with you.
    Nice pictures though!!