Wednesday, December 17, 2014

White House ~ Good Fences

Not sure whether this is good for keeping people in or out!

Nice little 200 year old house

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  1. Wonderful pictures!
    That gate looks like an Art Deco style - is it?
    Looks great :)

  2. Is that THE White House? Looks so small...

    1. Yes it is the White House and it is much smaller than you would think.

  3. :) it's a beaut! lovely fences, too! thanks for linking when you get a chance!

  4. You took some great pictures of fences aorund the White House Jeanne. I think there is a little more fencing there now.

  5. what a beautiful home, and I would want that fence to keep others out if i lived there... i like the first photo a lot.. and my favorite is the lampost at the end. great shots.

  6. I love the fence, but it really isn't very tall, is it?

  7. Love your great photos..perfect for Good Fences...:)

  8. beautiful images and I like the light post too.

  9. When I resided in Washington, DC in the '60's, great years for the most part, monstrosities such as concrete blocks and bollards keeping tourists, house peepers, and even terrorists (who would have ever thought!) at bay, such as what are there today, did not exist. . . . and it was easy to take a tour. Yes, those gates and fences are beautiful - and the building itself, although not overbearing and palatial, is an elegant place. Hopefully it will someday, once again, house a truly great President and staff!

    Happy Christmas dear Jeanne - may your holidays be wonderful and new year full of special blessings.
    Hugs - Mary

  10. Great photos of the White House.
    It used to seem big, but now with so many people living in huge mansions it doesn't seem that big any more!!