Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feb 28th!

As many know it has been one of the coldest February's on record

This is what it looked like out back this morning.
The critters are on the move looking for food.
I don't cut down any potted plants that seed in the fall.
As you can see the birds will eat the seeds. 
Check out their footprints around the almost buried basil plant. 

I've been busy at work. Learning something new.
My new position will eliminate the travel and stress of events.
I'm happy to let that go.

Tomorrow is March 1st and I am dreaming of new potted plants, 
70 degrees and a bit of humidity!!
Take Care!!!


  1. i'm ready for spring, too. we're about a month behind here in texas. snow/ice 3x this week is plenty. :)

  2. There's something quite lovely seeing footprints in the snow, reminds me of the ones found on a beach. Your photos are lovely, the scenery is beautiful.

  3. I totally understand that you want spring :)
    I want it too :))
    But I would have liked at least for a
    day or two that much of snow (and sunshine
    of course ;)
    Your pictures are beautiful :)
    Wish you good luck in your new position!
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  4. Maybe March will bring warmer temperatures. I have a feeling we are still in for a couple more snow falls.

  5. Lovely photos - the snow is beautiful - but oh so cold - guess that is why they call it snow. :-) I'm looking forward to the warmer days too.

  6. Spring is right around the corner! Happy for you about the new responsibilities at work! :). Great photos. I can feel the cold!

  7. Hope all works well for you with the changes taking place dear.
    Lovely pics, your back garden is beautiful with the line of conifers.
    We had footprints yesterday - I think they were from a raccoon! Probably the one who stole the entire suet cake by opening the cage AFTER pulling it out of the tree!

    Stay warm - it's bitter here and another ice storm possible tomorrow!
    Mary -

  8. Me too dreaming of Spring as yet another storm is upon us here in New England *sigh * Funny I love snow but 101 inches since January is PLENTY ~ yes we broke the all time record *sigh* Crocus where are you ?

  9. It always amazes me how quickly the snow goes once the days warm up. Keep thinking spring thoughts.