Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Post, First Day

Here is where I start. In search of does not mean I am looking for all the answers. They will come in time. I have faith that God will lead me in the right direction.

I am in search of whatever tickles my fancy today. Or whatever tickles yours.

I love photography and I'm pretty good at it though definitely not a schooled artist. When I start thinking about f-stops I lose perspective. So I just shoot.

My constant companion is a tiny grey cat named Abby, sometimes known as "Pie" as in honey pie, sweetie pie, cutie pie etc. She is a good little friend with a brave heart.

Growing up in a big city may have been fun but as I age I get farther and farther away from there and visit less often. I am content with my little abode away from the craziness.


So, my journey starts here.
"In Search Of" those of a like mind.


  1. oh, i love your 'pie!'

    and i'm so glad i got to know you - even if later in this first year of yours!

    1. Your still not a follower... Push the button girl!

  2. This is beautiful, and i'm sorry i missed it the first time around, but very happy to be reading it now. Your Pie is a sweetheart. Scritches and hugs to her, and i'm glad you're here Jeanne. You brighten our world lots with your beautiful posts!


  3. Well, I missed this first time around - but glad I got to see it this time. Again, Happy Anniversary - great blog.