Monday, March 26, 2012

No Snow

I have to say, living in this part of the country can be challanging between November and March but holy cow, who would have predicted this.

Feb 2012, this lasted half a day then melted.
I never tire of this view from my window.
Hardly any snow and temperatures way above normal. My magnolia is blooming and the trees are a month ahead of schedule. I sure hope we don't get a freeze now.

Please don't start spouting poo poo about global warming. I think His plan is way more suttle than that. This earth has been here for millions of years. It will be here millions from now. Maybe a little different but still here. There are cycles in nature and this is just one of them.

Okay, enough of that.

My little Abby is recovering from some pretty invasive surgery and although she is now doing well and I can talk about it. This was a trial of fire and tears.
Hand feeding with a syringe and counting the deposits in the litter box were the least of it.

Learning to feed a fiesty cat from a syringe is a tricky lesson. I am now an expert and would dare to say I can pill any cat and have become an expert in how to wrap them up in a towel and feed them against their will. It did not come easy.
Many squirts of food in the wrong place, like on my glasses, in my lap and in my face, her face OMG those first few days were a sturggle. I'd end up at the end of it cleaning us both up with a washcloth.

Looking pretty pitiful wrapped like a mummy.
Her eye is much better now.

She is now so spoiled that she meows (she doesnt really meow, she just goes eeeeah) for the tasty high calorie food from the syringe.
I say, eat it out of the bowl and lick yourself clean! You are better, I am done.

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