Thursday, June 14, 2012


Okay... I got my new zoom lens, not top of the line but a step or two above entry level.

I now have a new appreciation of the folks I connect with on here that take bird pictures. You will not see my first attempts. Even with an image stabilizer I did not do well.

I can remember my elementary school teacher saying Focus Focus Focus!!!!

Sooooo all you get is a few flowers!


  1. Hi there!!! Congrats!! Have fun with the new toy. It takes a lot of practice...and the secret to birds is tracking how and where they'll fly. Butterflies are super tricky:) I'm slowly catching up with everyone since vacation. Hope you are well and have lots of fun. That particular lens will become one of your favorites!

  2. Thanks, I am hopeful. Used to do a lot with film years ago, digital is a new craft.

    1. The nice thing about digital is that we don't have to waste money on development:) Or film!!! It would make blogging quite expensive!

  3. The flowers are gorgeous, Jeanne.
    Don't be so hard on yourself, even the pros don't get a perfect shot all the time. I might get one good photo out of the 100's that I shoot. Have fun and keep shooting.
    Happiness is a new toy to play with, right Jeanne.