Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A solution?

Taking my little friend for a ride in the car around the subdivision is something we do most Sundays.
She will sit by the garage door and ask for her ride. (its gated and we go 5 mph so there is no danger for her out of the carrier)
She gets on the front and back dash, sits on the passenger seat and has a favorite spot to watch geese.

Now, I have a new car and I'm worried that when she tries to get on the front dash she will not have enough leverage and will scratch the leather with her back claws. I feel so selfish! I have not taken her for a ride since I got the car.

I need to figure out how to protect the dash so my sweet pea can have her treat! Maybe duck tape?


  1. Love the photo, Jeanne!
    Can't say that I blame you for not wanting your new car to become scratched.
    I will have to put my thinking cap on and get back to you with any ideas I come up with.

  2. This is so sweet! I hope you can get a towel or maybe even a carpet sample to solve this risky problem!

  3. Adorable! I would say get some covers so you don't have any scratches. Good for the kitty, good for the car, and you are a happy person:)