Monday, July 16, 2012

My Carbon Footprint

As I cleaned my house last weekend I realized just how much stuff I was throwing away. Paper of all kinds, tissue, old mail, junk mail cardboard boxes from all the stuff I buy online. Plastic bottles from detergent, bleach and water.
Now I don't generally get on a soapbox about anything but I am angry with myself.
My carbon footprint has turned into a size huge.
I found myself driving my car with the sun roof open and the air on!
Is tree hugging republican an oxymoron?
Anyway, I'm going to go buy a water filter and be more diligent about recycling!



  1. It happens. I have boxes....and drawers that need to be looked at....sounds like you were busy:) I don't like finding silver fish in them. Yuck! It does sound strange..."Tree Hugging Republican"(Don't they cancel each other out?:) but I'm glad that they exist:)

  2. You are aware. That's half the battle. I switched to a water filtration system about a year ago and I love it.

  3. Good for you, Jeanne. I'm all for conservation!
    If we all do our part to recycle, reuse and reduce, Mother Earth will be all the better for it.