Monday, June 24, 2013


Storm's headed right for me!!

I'll be unplugging this computer in a bit.
Can't complain about rain though. 
Not after that terrible drought last year. 

Kitty and I will snuggle up and watch the lightning. 


  1. you have the same attitude i had here in texas last year - never would complain about rainfall or storms again. :)

  2. I love a good thunderstorm and I hope that's all this is. Enjoy your cuddle time!

  3. Very good. There is nothing quite like cuddle time with a kitty :) And it's good that you have rain too, after a drought, as long as you're inside and safe from the lightening.

  4. Rain is good - though I would like to send you some of ours - we are drenched here in the PNW. We very rarely get thunder storms here - more just constant drizzle.

  5. We had rain here in MO yesterday, too. It's been so hot and humid that the thunder sounded good.

  6. you are making me miss the rain so i can have some cuddle time too

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  7. We've been getting a ton of thunderstorms too! We are very soggy right now, LOL.