Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Ride

People in rural areas seem to have so much fun with so little.
They just enjoy simpler things.

Having come from a big city I am still unwinding
and these roadside treats always release some tension 
on that spring!

How could anyone miss this little cafe' and bar?


  1. You can not beat country ingenuity. Simplicity at its best :)

  2. I couldn't miss it for sure. lol. Love it. Did you stop for a piece of pie and some coffee?

  3. I think that's what I miss about the small towns of the midwest. It can be overwhelming sometimes living in the bigger picture. When I go home to visit, I forget about of that other stuff and just enjoy the whole relaxed feel as if it were apart from the rest of the world. Simpler indeed.

  4. Funny.
    Is that an ad?
    Must be a nice place.

  5. Oh I so agree with you. We have just moved to farm country and there is always something fun going on. : )

  6. Have you stopped by yet? It looks like fun.

  7. I certainly have found ~
    it is truly the simple nature of things that keeps the most pleasure in my life.

  8. That would have made me stop and take a picture too, LOL!