Friday, September 13, 2013

Photo Challenge ~ Windows and Doors

I have tons of pretty cool window shots in my archives.
But, I thought in the spirit of the challenge I would get out and take some new shots, with the challenge in mind, and then try my hand at the digital dark room. 
These were taken in a town just a bit north of me called Antioch.
(Except for the church)
(Please click on the pictures to see a much larger version)

I snapped and left... I did not go in!
Had I gone in I would have bought something REALLY bad.

I did what I could just messing around with exposure,contrast and highlights 
to get the window come forward and still keep the reflections.
They tell a story.

I cropped this one a bit and fiddled with the color temp
What I like about this shot is the contrast between the door and the window.

This shot came out of the camera in pretty good shape
I lowered the highlights and sharpened a bit.
My favorite part of this shot is the little window with the address on it. 
You have to click to enlarge it to see what I mean. 

This one I cropped, sharpened and adjusted the color temp.
I have to sharpen because I am always in a hurry and shake the camera. 

This one is a REJECT. I love the subject matter and the colors but no matter what I tried I could not get the window to look the way I wanted it to because of the white reflection. 
It's just all cluttered with inside and outside stuff.

 I used the photo editing software that comes with Windows Live Gallery in Windows 7
It works pretty good for an amateur like me. 
BTW... all of these except the church door were taken with a polarizing filter.

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  1. I love the one that you shot from below with the flag in the photo. The angle really made it work. And the church door is beautiful. It even looks peaceful, doesn't it? Great photos my friend! It was a fun challenge!

  2. i love the red door church. :) i also liked the reflection of the flag in that window with the lace curtains. but the really neat one was the wooden door w/ window inset.

  3. Very interesting to read what you did with each one. I particularly like the one looking up where the 915 is that you pointed out...good thing as I'd have missed it as busy as I was at looking at the trim and paint and style of the window above. I like shop windows that reflect the street scenes in them. Well done! Oh, and I liked the warmth of the wood door. You got it just right I think.

  4. These were great. I especially enjoyed the 2nd and 4th doors.

  5. Great windows and doors. Especially like the one with the flag and reflections of the trees in the upper windows - I could live in a downtown apartment like that. Also the colorful tattoo parlor, which doesn't appear to be really tacky like many of those particular establishments tend to look.

    You took some really nice pics for the challenge Jeanne.
    Happy weekend - Mary

  6. Beautiful pictures.
    Have a great weekend♥

  7. Really enjoyed your photos...great job!
    Great colors too!
    Thank you.

  8. All of these are really good. I like the red door and I think the last one was really good too. Great job!

  9. Thank you telling us how you altered your photos, I'm just at the tip of the iceberg for doing this with mine. I see the possibilities, but probably need an experienced eye to help me decide what looks better.
    I like the red door with a window beside it of the same shape.

  10. great capture. thanks for sharing.

  11. the last photo still looks good. the red paint gives it a unique look to it.

  12. They are all beautiful shots. My favorite is the church door.

  13. These are all terrific, even the last one of the body piercing and tattoo shop (LOL). I especially love that red door with the window that echoes the shape of the window next to it. And all the textures and lines in the wood photo really makes that one compelling too.

    I know that window reflections can work against us sometimes. A polarizer does help reduce, but not entirely eliminate the reflections. I don't know if you moved the circular polarizer around to ensure if you used it to its full advantage. It is certainly easier on a cloudy day too.

  14. I like the interesting angle of the third picture. And I love that shot of the red door!

  15. Oooo, I love that red door. And you captured it beautifully. Great shot.

  16. They are all great. I too like the red door best. I use Pic Monkey sometimes but then forget where I found what. Your explanations help a lot.

  17. Very nice photos. That last one is frustrating, but I think it's interesting to see all you can see reflected in a window. By the way we used to live near where you live and road our bikes out your way...many years ago!

  18. Great photos. I especially like the clean lines and colors of the red door image.

  19. Hi Jeanne
    All great photos for the challenge - I like the Tattoo window!
    I'm running late today so I've only just posted my photos - we have a friends staying so I feel guilty being on the computer!
    Following you now so I'll be back!

  20. I really love the contrast of the white and red door and the simple composition (next to last shot)...wonderfully done! Enjoy your day!

  21. I love these window and door photos. That first storefront is so pretty. Pam