Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Barn

Well... I found the road. It is not on the map.
There is a big sign that says "Private Property"
But it did not say...
"No Trespassing"

So in I went... do do do do 
( ♪Enter Halloween music ♫ )

Everything on this road was fenced and gated

There are three separate properties

all looking pretty affluent

and then this guy

I have no idea what this is... Buffalo? Bison? Big Cow?

I was finally brave enough to get up to the fence to take this shot.
It is not the ideal day for picture taking. Very overcast.

Here is the view from the opposite side of the original picture.
This is on a road I know but I never connected this barn with the original picture because of the shape.
In the original the silo is behind the barn giving it the unique shape that sparked my interest in the first place. 

Mystery solved!!

click on the pics


  1. I'm glad you decided to follow the road so we got to see the pictures. Well done!!

  2. ooh! very nice barn! i like it! i like the whole road area. bison or perhaps a beefalo (cross between bison and beef cow for less 'rangy' meat flavor). they definitely raise exotics - maybe even deer - based on that ultra tall and sturdy fence.

  3. Haha, that will teach them to not put up a sign! I'm so glad that you found your way back there. It's a neat looking barn! And that looks like a young bison.

  4. Yes ~ finally we went t the mystery road !
    Enjoyed the photos.
    That sure does look like a young buffalo .

  5. Oikein kauniit kuvat.
    Muhkean komea härkä.
    Hyvää uutta viikkoa Jeanne.

  6. LOVE that barn and silo!

  7. Very fun:) Playing detective is the best. Overcast or not....looks like a bit of fun:)

  8. What beautiful old barns and a big animal looking right at you! Looks like a buffalo, doesn't it? You don't see that every day! Hugs!