Friday, October 18, 2013

This shot was taken several weeks ago.

It is the view from the side of the road near my little subdivision.
A very pretty view no matter what time of year. 
For a long time I have been wondering where that little barn (in the middle) was because 
I have not seen it on the back roads that I know.

You must understand the roads in Lake County Illinois do not follow the grid pattern.
They are twisty and turny, go one direction then another.
Needless to say when I moved up here I got lost a lot.


I decided to find that barn.
I think I have discovered which little twisty road to take. 


  1. Beautiful landscape ♥
    have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Very pretty area ~ can't wait to see your barn discovery ! :)

  3. cool! can't wait to see it up close!

  4. I love driving the back roads to see what you can discover. Love this photo...have fun and a good weekend!

  5. And when you find it, I hope that you'll share a close-up. It looks like a wonderful piece of farm property set off all by itself. Happy exploring!

  6. Driving the 'blue highways' is always fun...

  7. Google maps out to help you out on how to find it!

  8. Everything right now is so perfect and beautiful. I love the corn fields and even better are the Sandhill Cranes found in them!!:)