Wednesday, October 17, 2012


You can scratch my little grey head and
kiss my little wet nose...
but, don't touch the belly
You can admire the belly
Talk about how beautiful is the belly
But... no touching


  1. I wonder if that is a rule between our cats:) So touchy about such things these kittens. I tried doing that to my white kitty and withdrew a bloody hand:)

  2. Oh Cupid just loves to have his belly rubbed. He wants you to know that you don't know what you are missing. :) You are so sweet looking! Kitty kisses to you!

  3. Oh, what a sweet face! I love kitties and now have 4 and each one has a different personality! My Stormy loves to have her belly rubbed, and her head, too. The youngest one is still a bit skittish. I'll be quiet now, I could talk about kitties all day!

  4. Each has his or her own touchy places, don't they? You can rub my kitty's tummy, but don't touch her feet!