Friday, October 26, 2012


I was really happy to capture the perfect sunset in my little hamlet.
Its a simple community, but a nice place to live.
We have a few little lakes and nice open areas with walking trails.
It's good for me!

This weekend is going to be cold!! In the 40's during the day and uh oh... at night.


  1. Hi! This is so strange! I don't know why I keep falling off of your blog. I'm back and glad!

  2. I don't know either. I promise I didn't kick you out!!
    I am loveing the story of young love with your daughter. How sweet.

  3. What a gorgeous twilight sky.. you framed it perfectly, Jeanne. I love the reflection in the water.
    You have an artistic eye for photography
    Be well and happy ~:)

  4. Lovely color and silhouette! How wonderful to live in a nice community too!

    The cool front has settled in here now as well. I think the flannel sheets are going to go on the bed tomorrow, LOL!

  5. My sister said(up in Wisconsin) that sirens went off because of the cold blustery winds. Kenosha was put under alert because of the hurricane winds were causing waves to get a little...or very high. Stay bundled up.

  6. Waves were at least 20 feet. I am far enough inland to be very safe. Thanks