Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fun Trinkets

I have a simple home
I try to keep it easy to maintain because I have
a very high pressure job.

If I had time, I could definitely be crafty, but
I don't have time.

Soooo... when I run into some totally cool thing (on sale) that helps me create a nice little focal point I
I get happy!!

I found this wonderful fun picture frame at Pier One.
Not sure if I am going to put a recipe in it or a picture.

P.S. Blogger is acting up again.
I had to go to Google Chrome in order to post a picture. 
Good Greif!!


  1. i like simple - even if my life is not stressful. :)

    i use chrome all the time. plays well with blogger and gmail. :)

  2. Love your frame!

    I don't use Google anything anymore. I don't like the lack of privacy.

  3. That is a lovely little scene.

  4. Google Chrome is the way to go...always now:) Since they changed the interface.

    I'm finding that keeping it simple is much better as I'm getting older:) Only because the crafty tends to collect dust and sits taking up space:)

  5. I've had problems commenting lately; not sure whether its me or blogger.

  6. Simple treasures are my favorite things. I have two glass containers like yours that I found at a thrift store; mine are full of sea shells and small stones that I find on the beach.