Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something sweet

Nothing like a warm fuzzy kitty
to make the day.
16 degrees outside

This little baby has a way to make any available soft thing
her new most favorite place to sleep.


  1. She's darling. Kitties are so cute; I love them!

  2. Awwww, She's so sweet and cute. Give her a cuddly hug from me.

  3. How can you leave the house with such utter adorableness around you?? Sometimes I wake up and just pet the kittes for 20 minutes. I'd do it more but I have to leave for this thing called work!!!

    Last night the news reported that our mittens kill about 3 billion and some odd birds a year. Not my girls:) They just dream about chasing birds from our windows. They never go outside. The birds here would eat them:)

    1. Same here, she just wiggles her butt and flicks her tail on this side of the patio door.

  4. Sweetheart! Many cozy hugs from Oregon. Way to stay warm, sweet girl!

  5. Sweet and precious- what duo.