Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finally some snow

I love when there is a cover of snow on the ground out my window. 
I get to see all the critter prints and the view is so pretty.

You can see a few trees were lost in the drought last summer
on the left.

Since I returned from Florida the temps have been very erratic. It was in the 60's and rained for two days and now it is downright frigid. 
Everything is frozen solid with ice. Windows and vents etc.
Hopefully this week it will warm up a bit. 
Have a Great rest of the weekend!


  1. Watch what you wish for is a phrase that fits your scenario, Jeanne.
    It sure is pretty tho :)

  2. sure looks pretty, but i don't envy the freezing ice!

  3. It is quite lovely to see the snow nestled in the trees and blanketing the ground. Now, if it just wasn't so cold. Ha! ;-)

  4. Gorgeous pic. The snow looks like lovely powdered sugar and frosting. :) Hope you warm up soon, and the temperatures stabilize!

  5. I'm glad you guys are getting the snow. Last winter was too warm. Your poor trees need all the water they can get.