Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Change

It's supposed to snow big time tonight. 
We'll see...
Every channel has a different story.

I will just not think about it!

Instead, I am going through my Hawaii pictures 
and it feels nice and warm!


  1. ha ha!

    well, our weathermen were all warning the DFW area of big thunderstorms coming thru overnight/this morning! warning! warning! we got a few rumbles and not even 1/4 inch of rain here.

    so maybe your snow will be the same way... (eek!)

  2. Fabulous idea, Jeanne! I've been looking at pics of summer flowers and our summer gardens this week to 'avoid' the gray skies and rain. I've read that visualization works wonders! lol Have a good day!

  3. Nice tease, as we keep getting snow every weekend!

  4. Gorgeous images! I've not been to the islands so I'll sigh and enjoy your Hawaiian journey Jeanne.

  5. What a good idea. I wish I had Hawaii pictures. I think I'm the only person in the country who hasn't been! I need to fix that!