Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lake Michigan

I took a drive to the lake at lunchtime
I don't work far from Lake Michigan

It takes a long cold spell for this lake to freeze
in another month the water will start to turn blue again. 

One of these days I'll take my camera and shoot 
some of the houses near this park. 
If they don't shoot me first!

Wealth beyond your imagination.
It truly is not a life I would want to live but 
it is interesting to see those mansions on the lake. 


  1. nice view they have - if they remember to look outside. :)

  2. Lovely view. Long long ago we used to drive over to Lake Michigan on hot sumer days and let the kids paddle about in the water while we enjoyed the cool breezes. My husband spent most of his summer at Lake Michigan in tents and cabins.

    I hope those people on the lake look at their view, and walk barefoot through their lovely homes as they contemplate their good fortune - and bake cookies in their fancy ovens - and have friends over for tea and watch as their kids grow up and their grandkids visit - I can only wish them the happiness most of us find in our modest homes with only memories of the lake in our distant past.

  3. Just a little different color and air temp than my world- sending warm whispers of Spring your way Jeanne ~:)

  4. I do love your wintery shot of Lake M- bring on the opulent homes of the rich and famous but tread lightly ~:)

  5. That certainly looks cold but very pretty.

  6. Beautiful photo! :) And no, i wouldn't want that life either. Those who do are welcome to it. (And i don't mean that in a snarky way.)

    Every time i see a photo of one of the Great Lakes, i think i'm looking at ocean.. :D

  7. I can only imagine how cold that water must be. I have an old boyfriend that surfs the lake in the warmer months. Beautiful photo!

  8. Oh I'd love to see the homes along Lake Michigan. What wonderful views they must enjoy. Do you ever visit Kim? She lives on Lake Superior I think.