Friday, March 1, 2013

Old Barn

I'm surrounded by barns in various states of age and repair.
I rarely photograph them and I'm sorry now because a few 
real beauties have been torn down.

When I was out a few weeks ago snow chasing I took this one 
of a barn no longer in use for the purpose it was built.
I'll bet the American Pickers would love to get in there.

Wouldn't this barn be cool in a movie as a dance hall
ala Patrick Swayze?


  1. perfect roof slope down to the evergreen. :)

  2. I can see it:) As I jump up into the air and discover no one catches me as I fall to my demise!:)

  3. This is a beauty. I love the roof line and also the moon and stars embellishments. So pretty in the snow and the beautiful blue sky behind it.

  4. Oh, Patrick Swayze could have made any barn look good, hubba-hubba. But that barn is a beauty! Barns make great photo subjects. We spent a couple of days in Montana last year (at the end of our national park tour) going around and photographing barns out there. Great fun!

  5. I really like old barns. The white on white is nice!!!
    I like to watch American Pickers too.

  6. I LOVE this barn and agree with you completly!

  7. Old barns are beautiful! I have kind of a love affair going with them. I especially like this white one against the snow, and am glad you got a photo of it! There are so many i see out west here that i would love for the guys from 'This Old House' to get hold of! :)

  8. I love this old white barn with the moon and star design. It would also make a beautiful Christmas or note card Jeanne.
    Both Mike and Frank would be overjoyed to pick there :)