Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weather Report

This was taken a few minutes ago.

The good news is...
I took a snow day!
Working from home is much better on a day like this.

Not having to commute changes my entire outlook.
They'll have this mess cleaned up by tomorrow morning 
and it should start melting by Friday. 

I'm here snug with a hot cupa joe!


  1. Good deal! I'm snuggled up inside and avoiding all the rain, rain, rain outside our door!

  2. AWESOME! love that you were able to stay home!

  3. I got a snow day today too! Glad you were smart and stayed home!

  4. We are supposed to be getting snow tonight.

  5. Good for you! Home is the best place indeed. :) No stress of a long commute in terrible weather. Plus you stay safe and cozy! Glad for your snow day.

  6. At least you get to enjoy a lovely view with your hot cupa joe. Bring on the donuts ~:)

  7. I'm glad you stayed home! Not a good day to be out on the roads! Stay warm!