Saturday, March 23, 2013

An anniversary


Is the one year anniversary of my blog.
Holy Cow, that time went fast.

I got my first comment a week later. 
I was hooked.

I love this forum
Nice people I have found here

I don't have a lot of followers, but I don't have much time 
to nurture them.

I'm kind of picky, don't want to waste my time with sillyness I am not interested in. 

So if you are here in this little circle, know
 that I think you are pretty special, and I am truly interested in what you have to say and photograph.

God Bless!


  1. I'm a devoted follower - I follow on bloglines and enjoy every post. Happy Anniversery.

  2. Happy anniversary. Yep, it's easy to get hooked on blogging!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you! I'm glad you like being here. I'm hooked too. Blogging is like that. :)

  4. Aaaah, we think you are special too! Congrats on hitting the 1-year mark. I've been at it for 5 years, and it's just as fun now as it was in the very beginning.

  5. Well happy anniversary! Thank you! I love your work. Your pic of the yellow/orange sky is still my desktop background and one of my favorites. Blogging is a dangerous thing, but I will tell you that it has transformed my life....or at least given me better direction. I love when we all come together and share. Here's to another year! Congrats:) Chris

  6. Happy Anniversary! I am so THRILLED to be here and delight in your blog every day!

  7. Congrats Jeanne, I have have enjoyed your blog from the first day I popped in. Thanks for sharing pieces of your life and world.