Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Ray of Hope

Today was a much better day.
It was about 40 deg and felt like spring!!

That made me think of summer
and then I found a picture to match

This little waterfall is at the Chicago Botanical Garden
The picture was taken in July with a point and shoot
I'm going to go back this summer with my SLR


  1. really pretty water garden! and yay for warmer temps!

  2. Isn't that beautiful! I'd sure like to be there in person.

  3. Beautiful! I hear the sound of the wonderful falling water from my living room. :)

  4. It was 40F here today as well, but felt cold to me. Must have had a chill in my bones. That or the rain. Rain and 40F don't always go together so nicely. You're going to enjoy taking photos there again this summer with a new camera.

  5. That is an amazing photo - you caught the water in great definition- I don't think it could get any better. We are expecting 69 and full sun on easter - spring is here!

  6. I would love seeing a real waterfall right now. This is a wonderful photo and makes me think I'm standing right there by the water.

  7. My Grandma just reported that the ice has broken up on the river in Wisconsin. Spring is close:)