Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Secret Garden

The reason I am calling it the secret garden is
I have no idea what is going to be planted.

I have several beds that did not survive the drought last year.
In one of them I want to plant something like this.
What is it?
Does it bloom all summer?
I'm pretty sure this is in the rose family.
I'll bet more than one of you know what this is. 
Thanks in advance!!


  1. i don't know much about gardening, but i'd say (based on blogging knowledge) that that is a rose of sharon bush. google it to learn more about it. it does prefer full sun.

  2. I believe it to be a Knockout Rose bush. I have a photo of one on this blog- click on 'knockout rose' in my 'Wildflower' list on the sidebar. Do a search using Google Images and see what you think.

  3. Yes. It is. It IS the Knockout Rose! They grow in many beautiful colors. :) I've seen them landscaping parking lots out here as well as in peoples' yards. They add so much beauty everywhere.

  4. I didn't know what is was but I do now. : )
    It is very pretty.

  5. How pretty! I'm guessing Knockout Rose too!

  6. Yup, knockout roses and how odd that they'd have succumbed to the drought. Usually, they do very well in adverse conditions.

    1. No, you misunderstood, different bushes died. I want to replace them with these. Glad to know they are hardy