Friday, March 22, 2013


Okay, this may not be a popular view but...
I hate candles.
With the exception of tapers on a dinnertable.

I really don't like those small smelly, messy candles
or the bigger more expensive versions of

But I do love the ambiance of the flame.

Years ago I found an alternative called a Wolford Lamp
Pretty flame
No stink
Me happy!

Have a Wonderful weekend!!


  1. i LIKE that lamp! very cool! i got away from all candles because my husband has trouble breathing around them. some are just plain stinky, is right!

  2. That's a pretty lamp. Are you sensitive to scent in general?

  3. This one pictured is lovely! :) And i agree. Most of the little 'votive' scented candles make me gag a little and my eyes run like faucets. But i love the plane beeswax tapers in maybe some brass holders as part of a centerpiece.. :D

  4. That's 'plain' beeswax for goodness sake! The candles aren't going to fly away. Sorry about that.

  5. I LOVE this and am going to look into them! I get sick if a candle burns more than 15 minutes...somesthing about the wick. Thanks!

  6. I'm with you - hate them too. I wanted something for the deck in the summer and put some glo sticks in mason jars - give a litle light for walking and no dnager to the grandsons. I get packages of the short glo sticks at the dollar store - 12/1.00

  7. I whole heartedly agree with you Jeanne. I adore your flame of life and hope.
    Be warm and Happy ~:)

  8. I do like candles but not the fruity smells. I like bayberry, evergreen, and the deep woods smells.

  9. Very nice lamp....creative as well. I can't put candles in our house because the cats would torch themselves....and that wouldn't smell very good.