Sunday, February 24, 2013


I met this artist (Nedobeck) up in Wisconsin at an art fair in Racine.

It was slow day and we got to talking so he took the picture I bought and started to draw on the back. 

He is a totally sweet, kind human being!!
His whimsical art is just a joy to look at so I can't help but wonder,
where does that come from?

I mean... look at this thing... who thinks that up??

And because I love all things "Cat"

This will be a prized possession.

I truly love water color and I am absolutely no good at it. 


  1. both drawings are adorable! i LOVE the fat feet/toes of the top cat!

  2. How fantastic! I adore them both!

  3. Both sides are adorable! I love whimsical art like that too!

  4. Beautiful painting! So whimsical and magical. :) Love the colors. So cheerful and happy. And you're right.. it takes a very creative, whimsical mind to come up with such a kitty! Love him..

  5. How wonderful! It's a treasure for sure now! I went to an Art Show today and was amazed at the talent right here in my community. Enjoy your evening!

  6. A creative artist with a whimsical sense of humor- hooray for Mr Kind and his talent.

  7. I'm the same with anything artsy. Kitty love!!! Very cool:)