Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Wishes

I was wishing for snow

This is my commute home today

I took just under three hours
Normal is thirty minutes

Through the windshild

A wonderland

The beauty of God's creations

I could let this just pass by

Or record it
With my cell phone by the way

Here we are, it's dark now
The home stretch.

I'm snug as a bug now and happy I got some real snow!


  1. Wow. Those pics are magnificent. You captured Nature in all her beauty! :) I'm glad you made it home safely, though it took a lot longer than normal. You can enjoy it all from snug in your own home!

  2. SO glad you made it safely! those icicles are amazing!

  3. That's one snowy drive... glad you got home safely!

  4. It IS a pain to drive in but sure makes for gorgeous pictures!!!

  5. That was some long commute! Glad that I didn't have to be out in it. Currently, the snow has nearly stopped, but we know that the second surge is on its way. It sure is beautiful and you got some great shots in.

  6. It can be treacherous driving while its snowing- glad you are safe and sound. It is pretty tho ~:)

  7. Well, you made good use of those 3 hours. I remember the days driving in that stuff. If I had to do it today, I'd be a bit stressed. But it is sure beautiful....I love the ice on the branches. of the trees. Very pretty.