Saturday, August 10, 2013

Photo Challenge ~ Water

One of my favorite things is watching and listening to the waves .
The pattern is never the same.

The shot above was taken with an IPhone 4S
No editing, just pure luck!

I've learned that "Auto" is a definite no-no when capturing waves
You need to use a fast shutter speed to get the details

These were taken on Jupiter Island

This one is my fav.
Please click on these to get the full effect.

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  1. stunning - I loved seeing them in bigger sizes - such detail.

  2. Those are always my favorite photos to enjoy...the ocean! You sure caught some amazing waves and churned up coastline! Oh, how I wish I was walking along the beach right now! Beautiful photos, my friend! Perfect for the challenge!

  3. Beautiful shots! I love them all but I think my fav is the first one. There is something magical about the ocean, for sure.

  4. These are wonderful! I love the composition of each one of them. It is truly a marvel at how well the iPhones perform. I see great examples taken by them time and time again. But it takes a good photographer, like you, to line up the shots and get those interesting compositions with texture and movement. Well done!

  5. Delightful! I really enjoyed seeing them larger, too. Lots of details... I think I need me some luck.

  6. I'm glad you reminded us to enlarge your photos, I should have done that too as the large size has the best effect. It always amazes me how good the photos are that people take with an iPhone and your first photo is gorgeous. The beach and waves in the others are awesome as well.

  7. Absolutely Beautiful!! An IPhone?? Wow!

  8. All gorgeous photos of the whirling, swirling water! :)

  9. I love the waves......they can make you lose thought by their movement. It's almost like I'm in a trance watching the water repeat the movement.

  10. Great iphone shot. You captured the waves and the rocky Jupiter Island shoreline beautifully Jeanne.

    Happy Sunday :)

  11. The iphone shot is great - very serendipitous. And you've captured the waves so well with your fast shutter speed. Lovely photos.