Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Sea

Last April when I was in Florida
I had a lovely dinner sitting on the deck
at a hotel on Singer Island

This was my view. 

For a Midwestern gal, I certainly do have
 a love affair with the sea!

I was invited on a trip to Cartagena Columbia
all expenses paid and I am debating whether to go.
I would have to attend meetings with other planners and tour hotels but these trips tend to be 5 star plus and you get enough free time to snoop around plus there are sight seeing tours included.  
Did I mention it is right on the sea?
Anyway, the caveat is the amount of time it takes to get there.
No direct flights etc. 12-14 hours ick!
I really have to make up my mind soon.
Has anyone of you been to Cartagena?


  1. wow. sounds like quite an opportunity - even with the 'work' drudgery requirement. :)

    i love the view you showed above!

  2. All expenses paid - I say - GO PACK. It takes us that long to get to West Virginia from Washington - that isn't all that long - and nice layover between planes, more than likely.

  3. Oooo, it sounds like a wonderful trip. I've never been there, but it sounds like you have the opportunity of a lifetime! I wouldn't like the idea of those hours either, but it might be worth it? :)

  4. Wow!!!.. What a beautiful place.. So romantic.. Regards from Spain..

  5. Wonderful place ♥
    Very nice picture!

  6. That is a beautiful photo!! Thank you so much for your comment!! : )

  7. Go for it! If you search Google images of the city, it looks very photogenic! Travel times can be tedious, but you can pass the time quickly if you have a e-reader and laptop/iPad. And you wouldn't want a direct flight anyhow. You can't move around with long flights, so it's better to have several shorter ones so that you can get your circulation going.

  8. Oh yes, and I love the beach photo too!

  9. I'd go in a New York minute! What an opportunity to take such a trip and have all expenses paid. I'd feel like you about the length of the flight, but in this case, I'd take along plenty of Dramamine and go for it!

  10. Cartagena!!!!?????? You should go!!! It's an incredible old city! Historic, picturesque and safe! Check it out. What an opportunity! I know it's work, but when you're not working, you'll fall in love:)

    1. Do it. The trek is worth your time. Hours on the plane fly excellent international flight service make it pass quickly!