Saturday, January 18, 2014


I am not very fond of January
And I don't think much of February either.
This is the time of year I have to work hard to be cheerful, 
friendly and upbeat.
Thus my absence.

I am not going to post Grumpy
and GRUMPY I am!!

This is what it looks like in my world 

and... This is the extent of the activity in this house!

I can't wait for longer days and warmer temps!


  1. this made me laugh, so even your grumpy is good. :)

  2. LOL! I think your beautiful kitty has the right idea! Gorgeous photo of her, BTW.

  3. Your cat knows everything you need to know to make it safely to spring. As I recall, March was a truly miserable month last year, too.

  4. The days are starting to get longer but I know you are anxious for the sun to shine through and warm things up. Sending you some warm hugs my friend!

  5. Kissa on ihana ♥
    Kauniita kuvia.
    Voimia sinulle pimeän aikaan.

  6. So it's me. I wish I were a hibernators and would only wake up when spring is. Here we have no snow, only fog.

    A hopeful greeting

  7. It seems like such a long wait until spring, but time flies and it will be here before we know it! Hang in there!
    ~Cheryl (who has had some grumpy days, too)

  8. Aw, kitty probably misses the warmth too. I know i do, just like you. Patience is NOT one of my better qualities. I want Spring! :)

  9. We haven't had snow here in England yet! Not looking forward to it! Hate the snow, although you have some nice pictures with snow!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  10. Our winter is not this cold, but colder than usual for us, so I can relate a bit. It makes me grumpy, too.

  11. I guess I'm the odd one here. I enjoy snow and like winter as I do all the seasons. : )