Friday, January 10, 2014


I picked some old and some new for this Challenge

This is a springtime view out the patio door.
Sometimes that eerie light hits the towers
and it looks like aliens landed.
(These photos deserve a click for full effect)

I cropped this a little bit on the left side and a tiny tiny tweak on the color temp.

This is one of my favorite shots from last Feb.
I was so lucky to spot this scene.

I enhanced the shadows so the footprints would pop.

And this shot was taken last month in Puerto Rico
I took it with the challenge in mind.
I love all the texture in this one.

If I knew how I would make the human shadow more transparent and get rid of the glare in the sand.
I'm linking up here to Donna's Personal Photo Challenge
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A Personal Photo Challenge


  1. Those footsteps in the snow are amazing. What a lovely scene to come across.

  2. Jeanne, these are such great pics - I love the snow scene with footprints.
    The beach shadow is awesome - hair or shawl?
    You captured good shadows in all your shots.

    Happy weekend -

  3. These are all beautiful. I love the snowy scene with the footsteps and the shadow of the tree on the right. The footsteps of course, are shadowed down inside too. The photo of the beach and shadow is amazing. I love the golden light of the sand, the waves edge and the fringe on the shadow's shawl. Well done!

  4. awesome set! REALLY love the 2nd one. the 3rd is awesome, too! aliens made me smile!

  5. These are each one so beautiful! I love the crops planted in the rows and the beach photo is amazing. But oh, that snow with the tree and it's shadow and the footprints....brilliant! Wonderful photos for the challenge!

  6. Your photos are beautiful and worth the closer look. I think the middle one is my favorite as it seems so serene and the shadow is not so obvious at first glance.

  7. The tree! The Tree! I LOVE the TREE! You should put that in some contests. It's really REALLY good. Fantastic job!

  8. Winter oder Frühling? Die Frage stellt sich bei uns auch.

    Schöne Aufnahmen. Eine Landschaft wie bei uns.

    Ein schönes Wochenende wünscht
    die Waldameise

  9. Piękne zdjęcia wybrałaś do tematu zabawy. Pozdrawiam.
    Beautiful pictures you choose the topic of fun. The second is very interesting. Yours.

  10. These are beautiful and so interesting! Hard to say but I think the snowy picture is my favorite.

  11. All very nice photos but I do love the one with the footprints in the snow!

  12. Great selection! I can see the long morning shadows in the first photo. And you're right that the transmission lines do have a space alien king of look to them, LOL. I positively adore the second one. The composition framing is spot-on and the precious tracks couldn't be any better. It was like you directed the animal to make the sweeping curve for your photo! And the last one is a beautiful silhouette shadow. Beautiful tones, and there is even a strong diagonal for the overall composition. You nailed this challenge, once again!

    To reduce the highlights of the sand and lighten up the silhouette shadow (make it more transparent), the image can be easily adjusted in the camera raw portion of photoshop elements. Camera raw is usually reserved for raw file formats, but the elements program allows some limited adjustments to jpeg files. A polarizer filter on your camera is very useful for a scene like this to reduce glare, but post-processing adjustments, artfully applied, can provide a similar effect.

  13. You are ever so much further down the road than I because I can not, for the life of me, see why you'd like to do what you'd like to do in the final photo. To me, it looks like perfection. Each photo is wonderful and stands on its own. Beautiful photography!

  14. These are great shadow pics Jeanne - even your lovely blog header has interesting shadows!
    I see what you mean about the 'alien' thing in the first photo - wonderful light.
    (I just wish we could have power and cell phones etc minus the towers - a blot on the stunning natural landscape - sorry for the 'aside')!
    Your second photo with the footprints is a stunner - it would make a lovely Note Card Jeanne- print it off!!
    Your beach silhouette is wonderful with the ocean creeping up to your whimsical shadow!
    That's what is so good about Donna's challenges, she gives us ideas well in advance which make us open to seeing a shot as you did in Puerto Rico!

  15. Wow , great shots. I really enjoyed them. That is really neat , the beach shot shadow with shawl !!

  16. Each shot is so beautiful but the lone tree and prints,,,,just awesome!

  17. Wow! These are spectacular. I love them all. :)

  18. These are great shots, Jeanne. I really like the human shadow on the beach, with the fringed shawl/scarf detail showing so well. And those aliens landing in the

  19. Oh, my! That snow scene is gorgeous! The lone set of footprints and the tiny shadow of the tree trunk are stunning. The beach shot is nice, too, but the snow scene is full of possibilities. Frame-worthy, I'd say!

  20. Really love the snow photo but they're all beauties. I just joined the challenge and I'm checking out all the inspiration. Looking forward to more!

  21. Awww!! Those little tracks in the snow!!! What a lucky shot, indeed!!
    Your photography is just beautiful!

  22. These are really neat shadow shots, Jeanne! I think the second one is my favorite. Great job!

  23. Wow these are fabulous. I love them all for different reasons but my personal favorite (even though I am not a winter person) was the 2nd one. Well done.