Monday, January 6, 2014


You see pictures of snow because that's all there is. 

The temp right now is about 16 deg below zero and the 
windchill is about -45 

There is ice on the inside of every one of my double pane windows!
That can't be good.

The seal is broken on both panes of the patio door.
I see little ice stars inside the glass. 

I still have birds on the feeder and I can see bunny prints.
Not sure how those critters survive this but glad they do. 

Indiana is closed. Really... I have a friend stranded there.

I thank God about every ten minutes that my furnace is working. 

I know many are going through the same thing. 
Be smart
Be safe
Be warm!


  1. indeed. i hope power stays on for all of you in dangerous cold! we were 16 F this a.m. but now 30. i won't complain.

  2. U ciebie zima pokazała swoje groźne oblicze, u nas nie ma jej wcale. Trzymaj się ciepło. Pozdrawiam.
    In winter you showed her serious face, we do not have it at all. Keep warm. Yours.

  3. I am glad you are safe and warm .
    All freezing aside, the header is absolutely gorgeous !

  4. I'm glad that you are on the inside where you can see your pretty patterns on the glass and be warm. Wonder how long snow and cold will be the

  5. big story. Screen froze and I decided to approach it this way.

  6. It's -10 here right now, but nice and toasty in our house with our pellet stove.

  7. Lämmintä ja turvallista oloa sinulle ♥

  8. It's very cold here in MO and I wonder how the birds and animals survive this kind of weather. I feel sorry for them. Stay warm and safe. Your snowy photos are pretty.

  9. The window situation doesn't sound good at all. However, it does offer some macro photography opportunities, LOL.