Thursday, February 6, 2014

A kick in the backside!!

How long ago was this!!

Okay... this picture has nothing to do with my post today.
I just couldn't post another picture of snow.

My dilemma, and why I need a kick in the you know what is the 

Yes, that cute little bun bun I have fed in the frigid cold.

There is bunny poop all over my deck. Around the deck
Under the deck. In the snow, under the snow.
You get the picture.

My shrubbery, the parts of it that aren't covered with snow, has been vigorously nibbled and the critter is quite fat. 
I have created a monster.

As soon as the weather breaks I am going to put moth balls under the deck and send that little fatso on its way. 

It's 25 below wind chill here again.
I need a drink!!!


  1. trade you one giant overfed bunny for about 150 whistling ducks. ;)

  2. The only good news is that the bunny poo is very good for the plants. Hope that your little monster moves along.

  3. Uh-oh, you are beginning to figure out that Marty, despite his total cuteness, is a rascal! LOL!

  4. LOL! I was going to say what Vee said, that the little monster was fertilizing your plants! You've been doing a good deed, feeding the little guy during the winter weather.

    Love your picture. I'm like you and just couldn't put a snow picture on my post for Friday! I'm sick of the stuff!!

  5. Mam nadzieję, że mimo wątpliwych "ozdób" w ogródku nie przestaniesz dokarmiać królika , jak będzie dużo śniegu. Wiem, że Tłumacz nie działa i żaden nowo zainstalowany, też. Tak jest nie tylko u mnie. Pieski się bawiły w parku, nie walczyły. Pozdrawiam.
    I hope that, despite the dubious "ornaments" in the garden do not stop to feed a rabbit, as will a lot of snow. I know that the Translator is not working and no newly installed, too. This is not just me. The dogs had fun in the park, not fighting. Yours.

  6. I have a rabbit living under my deck too. I can follow all where he goes by his footprints in the snow. I think I'll try that moth ball idea too.

  7. Forgot to say, how nice the flowers look in the mason jar. : )

  8. Oh no! Not bunny poop. No black beans for supper for you, i'm sure. lol. Bet he's an adorable fat bunny monster.. but still.. i understand why you want him to go away.

  9. Yup- that's why I'll never have a rabbit as a pet- they poop everywhere. Totally cute critters but messy.