Saturday, February 1, 2014


I've been traveling

Although most days were filled with conferences

I did get to dip my toes in the sand

I didn't want to announce to the world
 that I would be gone for a week

But West Palm Beach was very nice and warm. In the glorious 70's
I did rain at the end of the week but it was still warm!

Ahhh... Home Again

Hope to get caught up with everyone soon. 


  1. What a wonderful time for a trip to Florida!

  2. what a nice time to 'have' to go to florida!

  3. Hi Jeanne, I'm glad you enjoyed our Florida weather and beautiful beaches, even tho you were working. It must have been a welcome break from your chilly weather.

  4. It had to be good to get away to some warmth....

  5. Welcome back. All the pictures are pretty but I like the snowy one best.

  6. O jak bym bardzo chciała też tam zanurzyć nogi w piasku. Cudownie. Pozdrawiam.
    Oh, how I really wanted to be there to dip your feet in the sand. Wonderfully. Yours.

  7. So tell me.. which weather do you prefer? :). The beach looks splendid!

  8. Wow, I bet you got weather whiplash! It sure does look nice down there in Florida!