Friday, February 7, 2014

Street Scenes

I have some really bad habits when taking 
pictures that I need to break.
I don't take the time to assess the light.
Thus, blown out skies.
I know what to do but I'm bad at doing it.
No Patience!

So here are some examples of photos I took that really needed some work to make them look decent.

This is a street in Old San Juan. 
If I hadn't blown out the sky it would be a really cool shot.
I cropped the bottom to take it farther away from me and sharpened.
I lowered the highlights to get as much as I could out the top of this shot. 

Another shot in old San Juan. this one is not blown out as bad but I had to lower the highlights and shadows
I pulled up the contrast a little bit and color saturation.
Also I cropped the sides off to give it more depth.

This is in Ireland
On this one I really went overboard with the highlights and color saturation on purpose.
I like the effect.

A little cropping and enhancing of color here.
This one was a little blurry so I really had to sharpen a lot. 
This is Kenmare in Southwest Ireland.

This shot was taken in Dublin
A true Street Scene

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A Personal Photo Challenge

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  1. We live and learn :-) but I still enjoyed the pictures from around the world! I think were thinking the same thing :-) Time for a trip :-)

  2. a neat set. and i like 'em just the way they are. :)

  3. Lovely shots of street scenes Jeanne - I would love to visit Ireland one day!

  4. These are really wonderful street scenes Jeanne. I enjoyed each one. Lots of interesting architecture. Thanks for stopping by. Pamela

  5. I find that they come up with even better handling advantage. Beautiful views are very interesting and the insight.

    Have a nice weekend
    Waldameise (forest ant)

  6. Great street photos. Thanks so much.
    Very well done, I love them all!

  7. I especially like the curved street in the third photo. Very nice. I know what you mean about blown out skies. I need to work on that too. :)

  8. These are terrific examples of classic street photography! There is color, form, and lots of action in all of them. And I'm glad that you shared some of your self-analysis on paying attention to shadows and highlights. On that first shot, especially, the scene has a very high dynamic range, and it is difficult for a camera to capture it. Using RAW format would help greatly in cases like this instead of jpeg. But after-the-fact, you have to do what you can in the editing and cross your fingers, LOL. One easy way to save a shot like that one is to give it a pano crop (such as a 16:9 aspect ratio, similar to a typical computer screen), taking out those blown highlights altogether.

    You have some beautiful diagonals going on in the compositions, and the third photo has a lovely sweep along the road and the buildings on the right-hand side. I recognized Kenmare right away! Gosh, that is a lovely little town area. Ah, I'd dearly love to go back now with good equipment and knowledge, but I don't know if my bad knee could survive the long flights. And the Dublin shot is quite nice. That city is a street photographers dream!

  9. Jeanne, I really enjoyed seeing these. I like your eye for color (I can certainly forgive the blown out sky as I, too, am often guilty of that one.) These are just beautiful and the views of Kenmare almost tempt me to travel.

  10. Love the third pic with the curved road and awesome sky. Whatever you had to do was just right as far as I'm concerned. The composition is great.

  11. What great photos! You did a nice job on editing, too. I especially like all the different colors of buildings in both San Juan and Ireland. I love Ireland - been there once, in 1982 - so I have a soft spot for those photos. Nicely done!

  12. Love your street scenes! Truly beautiful!
    Always wanted to go to Ireland...

  13. Such nice bustling streets. I also find it hard to make all the right adjustments for a good photo when I'm in the moment and the moment is almost over. Sometimes, I think, any picture is better than no picture.

  14. Very nice street scenes, it's nice to buskers in any country playing to delight and for a bit of money.

  15. These are pretty neat. I like all the different colors of the buildings. I would love to visit Ireland.

  16. Jeanne, they are great street scenes. Loved all the activity in San Juan - drums,kids, tourists - and all that wrought ironwork. Have yet to visit Ireland (shame on me when hubby is 3rd gen. Irish) but those streets look so like the streets in my hometown in England. The Dublin musicians capture is wonderful - just wish I could hear what they were playing - love Celtic music.

    Hugs - Mary

  17. Umm... Not sure what you're talking about because these shots are AMAZING! Gorgeous!

  18. These are all great shots. And at least you know what to do to deal with a blown-out sky. I don't! I need lessons because I'm not doing very well learning on my own.

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  20. Jeanne, that's my daughter's name. Your photos are wonderful, whatever editing you did worked but I bet they were good before editing. Some of them inspire me to do watercolor. Very nice.

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