Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Simple Truth


I decided to make the best of a stinky cold and snowy day.
I was going to eradicate the cat hair once and for all without harming the cat.

I vacuumed
Moved furniture
Vacuumed furniture
Laundered bedding
Mopped again
Got under everything. 
Behind everything
My back hurts!

I now know a simple but undeniable truth.
It can't be done!

During all this she

and... While I was sleeping, she shed two cats worth
and spread it evenly throughout the house.

Bless her little heart!


  1. this made me laugh out loud! now, take your cat and change it to 4 big dogs with sloppy tongues and 16 muddy feet. you've got my house. oh, add some firewood sawdust and bark, my own footprints dragging in mud and hay. :) i need wine. lots of wine...

  2. Ty ciężko pracowałaś, a kotek, którego sierść usuwałaś, po prostu spał i w niczym nie czuł się winien. Pozdrawiam.
    You worked hard and kitten whose fur usuwałaś, just like sleeping and did not feel guilty. Yours.

  3. And this is why we all love housework so! We get to do it over and over day after day! She is a very cute little thing? Does she enjoy being combed?

  4. I am sorry but I had to laugh ! :))
    I do however hope your back feel better soon.
    Be Well,

  5. She's worth it! And even my terry cloth cats have fuzz! heehee! Hugs!

  6. It is a never ending job! 🐱

  7. They're so adorable when they make their messes, aren't they!? Lol. (Rhetorical question) :)

  8. Haha, that is why I have given up on the hair situation in our house. I can never get ahead of it. Hey, at least you gave it the ol' college try!

  9. That's a kitty!!! I always love vacuuming the floor and then after cleaning everything up, one of my cats decides to throw up a hairball! Bad kitty!