Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hurry Spring

I just can't wait for something green to pop out of the ground.
This morning I was greeted by a fresh dusting of snow.
It actually looked better than the mud. 

When the snow is gone I will change my header.

For several reasons I have been an absent blogger.
No big deal just a few things keeping me away.

Time is the big one.
Candy Crush on the IPad ( I am so hooked!!)
Broken computer
I have a great big Multi-Terabyte monster machine that runs like a snail. 
It is in the hands of a Wizard right now.
I am hoping his magic wand will do the trick.
I am sneaking this post at work. 

Have a great day!!


  1. nice to see you sneak in today! i hope you'll be up and running soon!

  2. Candy Crush is your addiction? Mine is FC Rocket (oh that really gets to me) and trying to beat my grands' scores in Flappy Bird. (It's not going to happen.)

    Yes, a fresh dusting of snow always cleans things up a bit. Mud season is my least favorite of all.

  3. Pretty early morning photo! I hope the snow leaves soon for you. The yard is looking a bit greener each day here, but it's been very chilly lately. Hope your computer gets fixed soon, we don't want you to get into trouble at work! :)

  4. Gorgeous photo! :). Maybe i can box up a little green and send it your way.

    I haven't tried playing candy crush saga, but have a couple friends who love it. The reason i haven't tried it, is because i know what would happen! Lol

  5. What a pretty picture. I'm waiting for spring to actually get here too before changing my header.

  6. My hubby likes that game, too. Hope it warms up at your house soon! Sweet hugs!