Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Best Laid Plans

When I was younger we used to boat on Lake Michigan frequently.
Our boat was small so weather was a big factor.
We would get the wave report and then set off for a day.

Now this kind of weather is unheard of in August!!

I was all prepared for a big photo op and look what happened.
Nevertheless I do love sailing and motor boats.

The inland lakes near me are overcrowded with idiots so I avoid them.
This was a fun ride.


  1. really liked that second shot. cool building and all the flags flying!

  2. Love the look of these photos Jeanne.

  3. Great photos Jeanne, lovely all that misty weather. Love the city skyline and that round building with all the flags around it.

  4. Love these photos. This looks like the Oregon Coast weather we had today. It was foggy and 57 degrees early this pm when Duane and i were in Tillamook. When we got home to Hillsboro, it was bright, sunny and 95 out. Lol

  5. As long as it isn't raining buckets, stormy skies can be quite dramatic for photo taking! And your photos prove it. Love the looks of that building in the second photo and the clouds in the background really add to the composition. I have learned how to adapt when it comes to traveling and photography, LOL.

  6. On of my favorite childhood memories too. Lovely captures.

  7. I love the mood of these shots...

  8. I know this area:) It's so different from small town Wisconsin along the lake:)