Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hurry Spring

These pictures were taken last fall

I can't wait to see green grass.

I saw a few little green sprouts in the grass this week while I was surveying the damage the maniacal hoodie wearing snow plow guy with no face did.

I kind of like the contrast of the man made 
with nature made in this shot. 

Spring is not far away I can smell it coming!
In the meanwhile I will look at these.


  1. Good to have reminders of the wonders of spring and summer - hang in there - it is coming.

  2. Your pictures from last fall are beautiful.
    And if it helps, come over to my place,
    spring is here :))
    Have a fine weekend

  3. Very pretty photos, Jeanne. So many of us playing the waiting game now.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Can't pick a favorite. The last one makes me want to go for a walk. : )

  5. It won't be long now. Hang in there!

  6. I think everyone is ready for Spring. Warm temps came early here and makes us wonder what kind of summer we are in for. Happy Spring, Diane

  7. I noticed the lovely skies also - and I'd love to follow that road!
    Happy Spring dear Jeanne.
    Hugs - Mary

  8. That is some gorgeous sky in those photos! I'm ready for spring also. We have blossoms on the crab apple trees and we have daffodils. It's been raining a lot, but that's usual for Oregon this time of year. Pretty soon it will be time to mow the lawn. A true sign spring is here! Followed by many dandelions. I have a love/ strong dislike relationship with those. Weedy but spring. Love one, not the other. lol

  9. Such gorgeous views. Outstanding photography. I am ready for spring!