Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Puerto Rico

 I am fascinated with the history of the Caribbean and
I find Puerto Rico to be quite different from the Eastern Caribbean in flavor and style

In old San Juan you will find street after street of old buildings in various states of repair
all powered with the tangle of wires that were not even imagined at the time they were built.

I'm glad the facades were preserved. 
Many of them still have the over 100 year old structure behind them.
Some much older.
The oldest of them nearest to the sea are mostly gone and
replaced by newer buildings. Banks and restaurants Chicago style.
I didn't take any pictures of those. 

you can see the date on this one... 1916

Many have been lovingly renovated with nothing but the facade remaining and new structures behind them.

 Some are empty and waiting for renewal.

Imagine this place during the boom of the sugar and tobacco trade!

Each street has it's own essence.
Some bustling with tourists and locals

Some sleepy residential 
and some downright scary

As you can see in pic number three and the one above, all the camera's.
They know where to watch.


  1. i've never been to puerto rico. really nice to see so much preserved and tended to, though.

  2. SWEET JEANNE! HELLO! My goodness, my husband's parents are from Puerto Rico! He was born in the Bronx, however, and I've never been out there, but your photos against this black background and luscious! Don't cha just love the cuisine?

    I want to thank you so much for coming to visit me! I didn't think I'd even get any comment today, or ever, since I've been out of posting since January. Out of sight, out of mind, you know....

    Yes, I am pulling together all my blog posts, putting them on word documents and adding my own photos for copyright purposes, and making my own book. It's been a dream of mine!

    Many thanks for coming! Anita

  3. Very colorful! My sister and her family spent ten days there in February. They love making the escape to warm weather and an English-speaking "paradise." I must ask her if she made this tour...from what I've seen, it was mostly beautiful villas and the beach.

  4. It is so colorful. I think I already told you that I lived in Puerto Rico for three years.

  5. Beautiful pictures!
    Love all those colourful fassades :)
    Would love to take a stroll through
    these streets myself :))
    Have a beautiful Sunday

  6. Hi Jeanne.. Nice pics of Puerto rico.. Se ve bonito.. :-)

    Saludos desde España..

  7. So interesting! I'd love to visit there and stroll along the streets. Surely it's relatively safe with all the cameras!

  8. Looks very similar to streets in Italy. Those colorful buildings are wonderful. Nice set and post!