Friday, April 27, 2012


I was too warm last week and now I am complaining about the cold. Had to put shoes on!!!
A priceless free pedicure going to waste!

Obviously this is not the powdery white sand of South Florida but the course pink sand of Bermuda.
Artistic license. The picture tells the story!!

I think I'll go back to Bermuda sometime this year.
Nice thing is the high season there is summer and it's not too far away.
Very relaxing place.

My goal in the next few years is to get back to Grenada and Carriacou. If you want a true caribbean experience this is the place to go.
The Grenadines seem to be visted more by Europeans and South Americans than North Americans and I could never figure that part out. It is amazing there!
I think maybe the difference is that the northern part of the eastern Caribbean is all about beaches and tourism and no doubt there are some beautiful places there. I love the BVI, but down in the Grenadines it is more about nature.The people are more self suffcient, there is agriculture, rain forest and the feeling like you are walking next to and old soul.

Okay... I'm rambling, don't know how I got on this subject. Must miss the beach!
And I was thinking about the Caribbean when I was in Florida. The beaches aren't lined with big monster hotels in the Carib. I think that's why I ended up choosing Naples. Less big monster hotels.

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  1. Fickled toes in the sand are better than shoes hiding a beautiful pedicure for sure.