Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wool Gathering

I moved a few years ago. (actually I ran away)  Downsized bigtime. I got rid of so much stuff as I went from 3000 sq ft to just about 1000 sq ft with no regrets. The nice thing about my lessor square footage is that it is open and bright and not cramped at all. The layout is perfect, I love it! Now and then I will wonder "Do I still have that whatsamathingy?"  Well... I'm not going up in the garage attic to look for it!

The moral of this story is... the stuff in the attic has to go!

This all came to mind today when I was getting ready to pack for Florida and took stock of my small walk in closet. It is not a pretty sight!! More than 50% of what's in there has to go too. I need room for my three new pairs of flip flops!!
This will be my next project. The purpose and objecteive is to keep it lean and easy to clean.

I wouldn't dare put a picture of the closet here!
Just use your imagination.

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