Saturday, April 21, 2012


Wow... I was planning to post every day from Florida and my laptop went kaput the first night. So here are some pictures from my trip to preview hotels for our January event.
Four hotels in four days. Not too bad, but I am tired. Lots of walking.
Funny thing is when I left here it was in the 60's so I took a poncho sweater and wore flip flops. Trying to travel with a small bag so I didn't want that extra pair of shoes. I have to say I did really well with the planning and packing. Anyway... Last night I was standing in O'Hare Airport waiting for my cabbie with a sweater and flip flops in 40 deg weather. Okay what part of this sounds like Chicago weather? 80 deg in March or 40 degrees on April 20th? If you picked both you are CORRECT!

St Petes Beach

Loews Don Cesar
Looks like a lovely view and was, except, right below this balcony were three powerful compressor units
with fans that sounded like jet engines.

My favorite part
This was a beautiful beach but the area surrounding left much to be desired.
Day one done!


  1. Your photos are gorgeous. Florida's west coast is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful sunsets and white sandy beaches in your flip-flops.

  2. Thank you... I enjoy yours too.

  3. This is my favorite picture!! Glad you had a wonderful trip!
    Also glad your home!! I love your blog!!!

    1. Glad your enjoying this Candy. It's like keeping a journal. Let me know how your doing.