Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Lots of new little bunnies under the trees right now.
Since the hawk is gone the population of rabbits and doves has expanded.
I've got to call this one Fiver!


  1. AWESOME!!!! Watership Down reference!!! Most excellent....kinda looks like Fiver! I don't mind rabbit or deer etc....but when a snake appears out of nowhere, I scream. I'll take hawks or anything else anytime:)

    1. Snakes? Euwww...
      One time I was in the smokey mountains and I pulled over to the little pull over thingy to eat my lunch. Then I stepped off the beaten track onto a black snake that was in "my mind" two inches thick and eight feet long. To this day I could not tell you the actual size of the snake. I did that your mouth opens but nothing comes out thing and then went into a conscious coma. I remember this thing in 3D. So much for my opinion of snakes.

  2. We use to have a female rabbit living in our yard. I so enjoyed watching the babies and their mama each year. Sadly she was hit by a passing car. I miss them.

  3. I see that you're a fan of Watership Down. Do they bother your flowers or gardens?

  4. The deer eat the impatiens. The rabbits eat the petunia's. It's a constant battle.